Fitness habits you need to get rid off

There are so many things you could have done wrong last year but we will talk about some specific and important points that you really need to get rid off. No matter how much you have given in to become a person you thought, your goal was to become fit and you failed in that but you couldn’t change a thing about it. Maybe because of the mistakes that you had made earlier. So, if you think nothing has changed even after months of dedication maybe these are the major mistakes that you have had made. Here is a chance for you to not repeat them again.

1.You take no rest day

Your body is just like any machine. If you use it more than its capacity then it will break down. You need to understand that your body needs rest to recover and to do better. There are people who think working out twice a day and 7 days a week is going to help them achieve their goals, no it is not going to help you at all but will rather exhaust your body so much that you won’t be able to do your regular activities.

You need to give your body rest, just enough for it to recover. Workout 5 days a week and then take 2-day rest or however it suits you but you need to give your body rest in the process for it to work better.

2.Ditch cross trainer and elliptical machines if you just stick to them

There may be issues with your knees or something which prevents you from running or cycling. It is okay to stick to it but let me tell you these machines will not be good enough to you otherwise. I know it gets boring and too much of treadmill is not even a good thing as it can ruin your knee but these machines give you very fewer movements and it does not burn as much as running, cycling or other floor cardio activities that can help you burn calories.

3.Improve your form

It is about time you improve your form because one of the reasons for no change can be your form. When you work out with the wrong form you are surely working on some muscles but not the target muscles which eventually makes the process slow and can bring you very closer to injuries. To prevent injuries and for faster and better results always keep the form perfect. Ask your trainer when in doubt. He won’t say no to you, also ditch heavy weights it may ruin your form.

4.Heavy weights for ab workout

I see so many people lifting heavy weights and even lifting heavy dumbbells for leg raises. Heavyweights are not going to help. You need to understand that instead of lifting heavy weights if you go for higher reps it will help you lose fat from your abdomen. You don’t want your muscle to start growing on your fats or so.

And one thing you always need to remember is that without eating clean you can never get rid of the layer of fats you have on your stomach.

5.Drinking less water

There are people trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle but they tend to forget about water and how important it is for your health. You need to have at least 10 glasses of water without forgetting, so try to drink 10 glasses of water each day, set alarms in case you forget about it. Carry a water bottle with you anywhere you go. It will improve your metabolism and will help you in losing weight, Luke warm water does that for you very well.

6.Same light weight training

Let me guess, you have been using the same 5 kgs dumbbell for bicep curls since forever now. Let me tell you something if you are not going to challenge your muscles then they won’t go. You need to go on heavier weight just enough for you to handle and workout well.

7.Stop working out alone

Working out alone can be fun and all but then you lack a partner to be motivated. When you workout with someone you eventually get challenged and the person motivates you in a positive manner to accept the challenge and perform better and how can I forget the personal spotter part.